TLS game marks 30th anniversary

Retiring teacher organizers her final game


Glenbrook North junior Jacob Stasieluk celebrates after making a basket during the TLS basketball game at Glenbrook South on April 26. After organizing 30 TLS basketball games, TLS teacher Kimberly Fisher plans to retire and hopes to be back next year as a spectator. Photo by James Lee

After preparing the annual TLS basketball game for the past 30 years, TLS teacher Kimberly Fisher got choked up knowing this year’s game was her last.

“It’s something I’ve loved since the minute that [we] put it together,” said Fisher. “To see how far it’s come and how well it’s embraced here is wonderful.”

According to senior Cat Kenny, her favorite part about playing in the TLS basketball game is when the announcers call her by her nickname, Cat “I did it my way” Kenny, before she gets to run out on the court.

Cat’s mother Lisa Kenny said in an email correspondence that her best memory of the event was watching her daughter’s first game and realizing how much she truly loved being able to participate in a school sport.

The TLS basketball game against Glenbrook South allows TLS students from both schools to apply the skills they learn in Adaptive Physical Education, also known as A.P.E. Peer mentors assist players during the game and at practices. Students, family and faculty can fill the stands during both the home and away games.

During her years of the TLS game, one of Fisher’s greatest memories was when a player made the game-winning 3-point shot despite never making a 3-pointer in practice, Fisher said.

“The crowd went nuts, and as the video crew [was] scanning the audience, they [scanned] his uncle, and through his uncle’s excitement that his nephew made this incredible 3-point shot, his uncle collapsed onto the floor,” Fisher said.

In past years, approximately 1,000 spectators have attended the home game each year, Fisher said.

According to senior Zack Lofman, a peer mentor in the TLS program, the game is a great experience for students to cheer on their TLS peers who they normally might not get a chance to interact with.

“I’ve worked with a student for the whole year, and to see them excel at something not just school related but a game where they’re celebrated and they’re happy to play, I think it’s definitely a heartwarming experience,” Lofman said.

The away game took place at GBS on April 26, with GBS winning 50-44.

All of the Glenbrook North players and mentors were extremely happy after the away game even though they did not win, TLS teacher Cate Locke said.

“What really struck me the most when I came to GBN, the first time I was here for a game, is really how supportive the environment is and how open and inclusive the school is to all students,” Locke said.

According to Fisher, she thinks the greatest part of the TLS basketball game is what it has given to others.

“Whether you know anything about the TLS or you don’t, sitting in the stands, you can’t help but be inspired or affected in a positive way,” said Fisher. “It’s like a life lesson that you’ll walk away from really having a different perspective on things.”