New health center to open for students

The new Glenbrook School Health Center plans to offer a variety of different services to students in Glenbrook High School District #225. 

The health center is designed to act as an immediate care center, where students can receive basic treatments, vaccines and illness diagnoses. The health center  is planned to provide required physical and athletic exams.

The health center is scheduled to be completed in late fall at Glenbrook South, but a definitive date for its opening has not been determined yet, said Kim Ptak, director of operations for District #225.

According to Lara Cummings, assistant principal of student services at GBS, the health center is located across from the nurse’s office and is scheduled to be open for students only during the school day. 

“Students will be able to schedule appointments online on their own, or they could get a referral [from the nurse’s office],” Cummings said.

According to Ptak, the health center will be staffed by workers from Advocate Aurora Health, including one nurse practitioner, one medical assistant and one mental health professional.